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My friend Sean was good at sharing. He was someone who liked to introduce people to different places, foods, and friends. He’d share his humor, his groceries, and his movie collection, but most of all, Sean would share his time. Before he died, Sean’s open attitude had started to rub off on me. I found myself saying “yes” to more opportunities, which caused me to meet new people, try Ethiopian food, sample different beers, and watch many Coen Brothers’ movies.

One of my responses to not having Sean in my life anymore was to adopt his willing attitude. Invitations to happy hour, kayak trips, a Warrior Dash, impromptu dinners, fireworks, travel… What would Sean do? Check his schedule and then say, “Yes!” So that’s exactly what I started doing.

As someone who teeter totters between shy and social, but who always has a full calendar (which can sometimes stress me out), it was important to me to remind myself of a simple equation: Saying Yes + Family & Friends = Fun. So I purchased a digital photo frame and set it up in my living room. Every time I say “yes” to doing something, I try to make sure there’s a camera around, and I upload pictures from those events to the frame. It’s a constant reminder to live with an open mind and heart toward things, people and opportunities.

Thank you, Sean, for teaching me to be better at sharing, too.




















“Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love.
Love risks degenerating into obsession,
friendship is never anything but sharing.”

― Elie Wiesel

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I left home at 6:50 this morning, headed south to an off-site location where I would have about a half an hour to take photos of some equipment before heading back into town for a dentist appointment. On my way I drove through the St. Mary’s College campus, observing the way that the rising sunlight was affecting the colors of the sky. I noticed that the moon was still hanging low in the sky, a white sentinel over the row of sailboats docked in the river.

I was torn; there was a work camera in my bag, but I knew my short time line for this morning… so I never even tapped the brakes. Rounding the corner by the Post Office, I was allowed to pick up some speed as I exited the historic city and college campus. Then, to my left I spied a field — tans and browns with a light mottling of purple (possibly wild ajuga). An old red barn in the background. Morning mist hanging low and keeping the scene soft. How I wished I had my Nikon with me, and time to get out an compose photographs within my lens!

Instead, I drove to the work site and took photographs of white trailers, radar and antennas in a puddle-spotted, mowed over cornfield. I completed my task in the allotted time, and began my drive back into town. Glancing to my right, and then at the clock, I knew if I was quick about it I could try to capture one of the earlier morning’s scenes.

Today ended up being a long, long workday, so I’m very glad that this morning I took five minutes for myself and stopped to photograph this field.

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First of all, let me start this post by shouting: IT’S 71 DEGREES IN MARYLAND TODAY!!!

A nice two-mile walk during my lunch hour today gave me the solar power I needed to be in a good mood, and I also had the satisfaction of breaking in a new pair of sneakers that will be supporting my flat arches on a road/sightseeing trip with Mom from San Diego to San Francisco in April/May.

I had the satisfaction of going into work on my day off (banking time before my scheduled LASIK procedure next Wednesday), and being told I was “dedicated” by my boss’ boss. Of course, he also roared with laughter as he walked down the hall, so I’m pretty sure that I’m not actually getting any extra credit.

Today I also did something that I’ve been dreading for a while, and it didn’t go too bad at all! I informed the guy that I’ve been dog-sitting for over the past four years that I was retiring from the business. We traded — my last payment for his house key — and left on good terms.

Now that I’m out of the pet-sitting business, my time will be freed up to do a number of things: work out at the gym or go swimming, taking a trip to California with my Mom, photography, searching for jobs in Colorado, washing my car, hanging out with my cat, enjoying a shorter commute to work, spending time with my friends, reworking my resume and putting together a portfolio, pulling targets for my Dad at the 1,000-yard range, planning a trip to SC to meet the new Kale Reed Miller (born 3.17.10), and hopefully helping my Mom to paint that wall in her living room.

My time will be MINE. (And I can’t wait to start spending it!)

So after work today, Mom drove me to my first of two pre-LASIK eye appointments. This one was to my local eye doctor to have my eyes dilated and my prescription re-checked. When we got home there was still some daylight left to enjoy, so I hauled out my Nikon D80 and took some pictures of the amaryllis that’s about to bloom in Mom’s solarium.There are four blooms coming off of the three-foot stalk, and as I moved around the plant looking at it through different angles, I saw this:

I immediately had to stifle a giggle and steady myself to capture the image… because doesn’t this look like a red horse (or a dragon) sticking his nose in the camera?! Just look at those expressive “ears” in the background!

I am a giddy, happy girl. Because today was a beautiful day. Because tomorrow is the official First Day of Spring. Because flowers are starting to investigate the world with their new personalities, and I have the time to capture it with my camera.

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