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Today I happened to click on the wrong menu button and ended up on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed page. I then found myself reading this post and taking this quiz.


Apparently, based on my answers to the quick quiz, my overall personality is comprised of three main archetypes: 37% Caregiver, 22% Advocate, and 21% Intellectual. The other 20%  is simply categorized as Others. Without creating an account, or retaking the test with the exact opposite answers, I can’t figure out what the other archetypes are. (Although, from the post I read, I know that Athlete and Spiritual are two of the seven other types.)

I think I’m most surprised that I registered so high as an Advocate… it made me think of a friend and co-worker who recently began investing herself in training to become an actual advocate and mediator because she found the work more fulfilling than her day job. I, too, am looking to find a different profession, job or career. Something that makes me feel excited to go to work and to contribute, that I know is me making a difference. I want to do something that lets me know there’s a reason I’m doing it, a purpose for the work and the effort.

This isn’t necessarily a new development. I’ve never been quite absolute on what I want to be when I grow up, and 12 years spent working in a relatively small area that supports one industry hasn’t exactly opened my eyes to what else is out there.

I remember going to a bridal shower once where most of the ladies were from Washington, D.C., and finding myself saying, “You get paid to do WHAT?!” and “That’s a paid position?!” over and over. I had absolutely no idea that those types of jobs even existed. This is a problem for a girl needing to use online job search engines like Monster.com, which ask you to search by career or job title.

“What if you don’t know what jobs your skills qualify you for?” I asked my counselor recently. She encouraged me to take small steps, and to start with a Google search for “jobs Communications majors have.” Unfortunately, Google supplied me with the same generic list of careers over and over, and no real job ideas or data to research into.

Instead, about a week later, I found myself thinking about my current skills. What do I like doing, and what do I find myself doing naturally? I came up with (drumroll, please) — editing. Yet I’m painfully aware that there’s more I could learn in order to be a better editor, thanks to working with two other editors and spending the last decade watching each of us edit the same articles. That led me to a quick search for online classes.

And so here I am. 33 years old, enrolled in a six-week course called The Keys to Effective Editing through the College of Southern Maryland (CSM). I’ve already learned that there’s an “en” dash in addition to the hyphen and em dash, and how to use these three dashes correctly.

Right now, I’m just having fun learning about something that I enjoy, so I guess I’ll worry about tackling that job search engine after I’ve completely re-edited my resume.


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Have you ever been in a funk and had a friend show up on your doorstep, and a few hours and laughs later, you feel better? Have you ever tried desperately to put yourself in a better mood, only to have someone else’s black spirits cause you to spiral down into a worse disposition than you started out with? Have you ever been so completely, joyfully happy that you, in turn, make everyone around you happy too?

All my life, I have been affected by the moods of people around me. I’m sure, to some extent, that every reader of this post can relate. Only, the likelihood is that the majority of you can control just how much someone else’s mood affects your own.

I won’t say I can’t, because someone will inevitably say that I can… but I will say that controlling my own mood in the shadow of someone else’s mood is EXTREMELY hard for me. I’ve always felt that I was more affected by other people’s personalities and energies than a typical Jane or Sue. (Perhaps that is why I enjoy being around animals so much… They radiate calm, peace, happiness, hope, love, interest — and even on a bad day they’re usually not grumpy enough to trigger a similar mood in me.)

What I’ve found extremely difficult about this holiday season is that no one seems to be in a good mood… and all of this Grinch-y grumpiness, feeling SAD, fiscal despondency, lonliness and general discontent is really making me feel blue.

I’m finding it hard to gather up any enthusiasm for waking up in the morning; I have no excitement for what the day might bring. And once I drag my exhausted self up and out of bed, I operate at about the pace of a lumbering, half-frozen, tranquilized polar bear. (Which is to say, I’m running roughly 45 minutes behind to everything, instead of my usual 15.)

I’m finding no pleasure in having conversations with anyone. Rather, idle work chit-chat (abundant now because no one wants to be at work in the middle of the holidays) leaves me spent and ever more aware that I really don’t have anything nice to say — so why am I speaking?! It’s incredibly frustrating, because deep down — I don’t want to spend the last two days of 2008 hiding under the covers, wishing humans hibernated.

The bright light in all of this? Yesterday around 6 p.m., my friend Denise arrived from Charlottesville. She’s staying with me throughout the New Year, which involves our family Christmas tonight, a trip to D.C. tomorrow, New Year’s Eve dinner & partying with Courtney tomorrow night, New Year’s Day fried sourdough bread for Mom’s birthday on Thursday, and recuperating on Friday.

Denise is one of those rare individuals who can let you be you (or in this case, she lets me be me — funky disposition and all) without reacting to it. And so after six hours of togetherness last night, including dinner, a lesson in Being Organized With a Calendar and a Highlighter, hours of girl-talk and working out new life-plans, laughing at Miss Kitty, and spontaneous gift-giving… I found myself smiling. Laughing. Relaxing. Enjoying myself. I found myself equilibrating — shedding all of the attitudes and emotions that have been impressed upon my own personality over the course of the past few months, and rediscovering what it feels like to be “just me” again. 

I actually started to get tired before 11 p.m., and while a part of me didn’t want the evening to end, I knew I had to say goodnight and turn out the lights. I was able to fall soundly asleep and wake up without that persistent dread pressing at my temples, and I daresay that I’m even looking forward to having our family’s belated, night-time Christmas tonight (it’s the first time we’ve ever not done Christmas on Christmas, which has left me feeling very discombobulated this holiday season).

I know New Year’s Eve at the stroke of midnight is when you’re supposed to raise your glass and give a toast… but I’m going to break tradition today.

Denise, I raise my coffee mug to you this morning and would like to say, “Thank you for being such a great friend — you’re truly indispensable! Three cheers to old friends, a new apartment, an old dog, a new life-plan and a new year! I love you!”

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I regularly (*ahem* daily) check out the blogs on my blogroll; I like keeping up with what my friends are thinking. In today’s journey over to The Recycle Bin, I was shown yet another personality test… and I just can’t resist a chance to profile myself! [Thanks Jenn!]

This particular test wasn’t hard at all – I completed it in less than 5 minutes, going with my first gut response and not reviewing my answers before clicking on the submit button. It asserts that everyone exhibits five dimensions of human personality, what they refer to as the OCEAN model:

O = Openness to Experience/Intellect
C = Conscientiousness
E = Extraversion
A = Agreeableness
N = Neuroticism

I’m a O65-C74-E31-A22-N71 Big Five!!

What numbers are in your OCEAN?

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I remember doing this test a year ago, and wondered if I could find it again. I did! Why don’t you try it? It’s super-easy! Just pick colors in order of your preference to each of 8 colors. By examining your individual color preferences, Colorgenics determines your underlying character traits and provides insight into your physical well-being. This is the result of my Colorgenics test:

Name: Jen
Date: 1/22/2008
Colorgenics Number: 13206XXX

You have always been on the move seeking affectionate, satisfying and harmonious relationships. Your ultimate goal has been the realisation of an intimate union in which there could be love, self-sacrifice and mutual trust. It has often been said that ‘True love is just around the corner’ and – if you haven’t found it as yet – you possibly soon will.You are a fighter and always on the defensive. You always need to be sure that your position is safe and established. When you finally make a decision you will pursue it to the bitter end in spite of all opposition.You are a perfectionist in everything that you put your hand to. You are demanding and very exacting in the standards you apply to your choice of colleagues and friends – perhaps you demand too much from people. That perfection you seek in a particular person is illusive – perhaps it does not even exist.

You are an emotional, sincere and impressionable individual experiencing frustration and unnecessary stress. You are carried away by other people’s enthusiasm and looking for that idealised relationship, be it in a business or personal situation, which you are able to share with a mutual depth of understanding. You have lowered your defences in the past and you have been hurt, so you are now extremely wary of being exploited. You are still ready to trust people on the condition that they are prepared to offer you proof of their sincerity.

You are inclined to be too trusting and you feel that you need to be on your guard against the possibility that your endeavours and actions may be misunderstood. Too often you have been taken advantage of and you have been mentally abused. Now you are seeking a relationship which can provide peace of mind, where you can be yourself and not have the need to put on a false front.

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I am ISFJ!

Today a co-worker sent me this link to Bored.com’s Who Are You? personality test. Since it’s Friday, I couldn’t resist this rather quick quiz.

According to these internet “experts,” my personality preferences are: Introvert, Sensory, Feeling and Judging.

This is how my personality type is explained: While quiet and reserved by nature, you are very warm-hearted, considerate, gentle and trustworthy. You have a very well-developed work ethic, which ensures you will complete the task before you in a timely manner. You like to help others and are very comfortable working behind the scenes to do so. Getting the job done is far more important to you than accolades for a job well done. You are detail-oriented and meticulous in your work habits. Even small mistakes haunt you. While you are not one to give orders, you are very supportive of those around you.

In relationships you are kind, considerate, and show your affection by fulfilling the needs of those you love. You want a comfortable life for yourself and your loved ones and will do what you can to make your lives so. You like a structured lifestyle with well-defined goals. You avoid hurting others. Your need to feel needed can keep you in unhealthy relationships with overly needy people.*

Other people like me: Charles Dickens, Queen Elizabeth II of England, Queen Mary I, Barbara Bush, Louisa May Alcott, Lord Tennyson and Robert E. Lee.

It goes on to say that I might be suited for these occupations (among others): counselor, office manager, retailer, optician and veterinarian. I knew I shouldn’t have let that 4-H slideshow presentation of parasites stop me from wanting to be a vet! See Jaci? We should have gone to school together! “The Veterinary Offices of Amber and Amber.” Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think??? 🙂

*How true! *sigh* Gotta work on that one!

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