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For some reason, I got really excited about Halloween this year. As in, wanted to make my own costume, go to parties and go trick-or-treating with my friend Sarah J. and her kids. It all started with a blog post from years ago, back before I knew how to star and tag posts in Google Reader so I could find things again later. Someone had posted a photo of a little kid (pre-toddler?) dressed up as a Viking, and manohman do I wish I could find it to share with you here.

[This is about as close as a Google search is going to get me.] The fur boots! Oh my goodness.

This cuteness + [Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series + HBO’s True Blood (hello, Eric Northman)]+ a weird and sudden desire to learn to sew and crochet + a friend’s blonde haired, blue eyed almost 3-year-old = a very Viking Halloween.

I started by getting Mom involved. She taught me to sew, and we made faux fur vests and boots for Caleb and I. Then, Mom showed me how to take a single, long strip of faux leather and place darts around it in order to make a belt, which I hung three-inch wide strips of the same material from to make a leather skirt. I ripped apart an old leather belt of mine to add some extra ornamentation to the skirt. During a lunch break one day at work, Sarah S-E taught me how to crochet, and I started making both a child and adult size Viking hat. Finally, Mom and I made red velvet mummy cupcakes and candy finger bone pretzels.


My friend Jill hosted the First Annual Haunted Barn party. I managed to borrow the majority of the decorations from a guy I used to pet-sit for, as he used to throw an elaborate haunted house every year (unfortunately he stopped creating the haunted houses right about the time I started dog-sitting, so I never got to attend one). Aimee came as an Amish Girl, and her costume won a prize! Sarah J. was a beautiful Butterfly, and Mom came as Brunnehilde the Green (M&M). Sean and Liz dressed up as Daddy Warbucks and Annie, in the most awesome inappropriate pairs costume ever! It was very cold that night (some parts of Maryland got snow!), but we had a great time and huddled around the space heaters when necessary.




On the actual All Hallows Eve, I went trick-or-treating with Sarah J. and her kids, Catelyn the Butterfly and Caleb the Viking. Nene and Mom were there too, as well as Sarah’s friends and their kids, Bat Girl (Nadia) and Bumblebee the Transformer (Nathan). The biggest challenge of the evening was getting Caleb into his costume, but once he was in it, he loved the attention (and the candy)! We wandered from house to house down Nene’s family-friendly neighborhood, laughing at the kids’ squeals when something was scary and playing “red light-green light” when they’d run too far ahead. The adults reminisced about how different Halloween is from when we were little, and the kids tried to make more room for “good” candy by dumping all of the “yucky” candy on the adults!



I was really proud of the way that the costumes turned out, and was glad I decided to channel the spooky spirit this year! All around, this was a Halloween filled with more treats than tricks!


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